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We are waking up with the same sunshine every morning but every new morning comes with a new development or a new discovery. Owing to the rampant exponential technologies, the businesses are undergoing rapid transformation. The word Digital has become central to the business landscape and businesses are at a revolutionary cusp where they are necessitated to act and adapt if they want to survive and thrive.

We, at XTechalpha, are both observers and participants and are here to trace a new era of technology. We aim to scrutinize, expound and exhibit the new age technologies in the existing business landscape and help them prepare for the new era that awaits us.

We believe that change always percolates top to bottom and hence, we aim to strengthen the knowledge bank of the authorities with our filtered content. Today, the online platforms are flooded with humongous amount of information and the accuracy is difficult to be reckoned. XTechalpha, by collaborating with the top authorities of the best of organizations and thought-leaders strives to curate the content that is helpful for CXOs who can then accelerate the process of change.

Covering exponential technologies like Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Digital Transformation, Blockchain, Cyber security under various segments like GIC’s, Startups, VC’s, PE’s and Academic institutions, we curate intelligent, lucid and authoritative pieces for our niche audience in the form of:

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