AI & Analytics Career Stack – Opportunities Now & Beyond… | June 25th 2021 | 4pm – 5:30pm IST

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3AI New Next Roundtable Series - SEASON 2:
AI & Analytics Career Stack – Opportunities Now & Beyond…

Friday, June 25th, 2021 | 4pm - 5:30pm IST


3AI NEW NEXT Roundtable Series

3AI: India’s largest platform for AI & Analytics aspirants & professionals in association with Xtechalpha: New Age thought leadership accentuation platform have come together to unveil a unique and differentiated roundtable series: 3AI New Next that will focus on exploring capabilities, applications, use cases of AI adoption in multiple industries coupled with recommending the AI journey roadmap for accomplishing transformation & innovation. The roundtable will also discuss on the upcoming AI opportunities for the new age and existing professionals on the business, domain, technology and functional side and will also relay the requisite competencies and proficiencies that the aspirants and existing workforce need to develop to excel in the AI arena. The roundtable series speakers will consist of top of the line, accomplished thought leaders, experts & practitioners from AI & Analytics spheres. A must attend series that promises to riveting  & engaging and will provide ample set of take aways to the participants. 

AI & Analytics Career Stack – Opportunities Now & Beyond…

In today’s VUCA, hyper- competitive and pandemic-laden business environment, it is indispensable for every organization and professionals to stay abreast of the latest trends and technologies and implement them to improve business performance and stay relevant. The future of business and career is AI. Organizations cannot escape the impact of proliferation of AI. Being AI ready is changing the whole economics of the world, buying behavior of the consumers and dynamics of the organizations. In the age of industry 4.0 revolution, AI continues to dominate the technology landscape and AI for good have several applications to usher a new change in how we make decisions at enterprise and personal fronts. Students and professionals cannot escape the exposure to AI in their learning quotient and whilst there are opportunities galore, the path to make yourself excel or flip to AI is paved with complexity and ambiguity. How does one chart the most optimal path for success in the field of AI? Can AI be mastered at school or can one be called as a successful Data Science professional by working on “cool” projects? How do successful AIcrats learn, think and execute?

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Let’s attempt to decode these intricacies behind AI and unravel the “X” factor. Are you ready to be future ready?

3AI New Next roundtable session will be anchored by a seasoned AI leader along with representation of marquee AI leaders as speakers; the discussions will compel the professionals, students and enthusiasts to think towards the expansive AI career landscape, ensuing and forthcoming opportunities and will also dwell upon the requisite skills and learning needed to be successful in this AI era.

A must attend session!

Roundtable Anchor & Speakers

  • Naveen Yeri, SVP and Head of Enterprise Data Science, Wells Fargo (Roundtable Anchor)
  • Vijay Sivaram, CEO – Technology Search, Quess Corp
  • Saraswathi Ramachandra, Director, Citi
  • Amar Saxena, Professor, IIM Amritsar
  • Aparana Gupta, Analytics & Data Science Leader, Oracle
  • Imran Saeed, Vice President, Course5i

Friday, June 25th, 2021 | 4pm - 5:30pm IST

3AI New Next Roundtable Series - SEASON 2:
AI & Analytics Career Stack – Opportunities Now & Beyond…

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AI & Analytics Career Stack – Opportunities Now & Beyond… | June 25th 2021 | 4pm – 5:30pm IST

by NK Time to Read: 2 min
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