3 Startup Accelerators in India

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The primary task of an accelerator is to scale up the entrepreneurial spirit and be a mainstay of economic development

Startup accelerators uplift the startup by providing the right support including finances and expert advice for a headstart. Startup accelerators play a key role in nurturing and leveraging ideas. The primary task of an accelerator is to scale up the entrepreneurial spirit and be a mainstay of economic development.

There’s a lot more than your product idea that makes your business successful and startup accelerators enhance the same by equipping the funding to mentor to resources.

Here is a list of the startup accelerator in India:

India Accelerator: India Accelerator (IA) is the leading Seed Accelerator, started in March 2017, one of the leading startup accelerators in the country & one of the fastest-growing in Asia. It aims to be the spawning ground for new, emerging Tech start-ups. The selected start-ups receive not only seed funding, advice & mentoring, connections but also all the other critical inputs required to enable them to be launched successfully. IA is also a part of Global Accelerator Network (GAN), a highly selective group of 100 odd top accelerators in the world. IA model closely follows that of TechStars and other internationally-known accelerators.

9 Unicorns: 9Unicorns provides acceleration support & seed funding to early-stage startups. From the idea stage to the angel stage, it supports startups across various themes & sectors. 9Unicorns’ strength & focus is to provide a hands-on support ecosystem for startups, beyond the capital. 9Unicorns, besides investment, opens doors to the startups for access to a wide network of successful founders, category-leaders, CXOs of large corporations, seasoned angel investors & partners of global VC funds. Every portfolio company receives acceleration support for 3 months & post-investment support of 18 months.

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Indian Angel Network: Indian Angel Network has started in 2006, in the early stage the investors keen to invest in businesses that have the potential to create disproportionate value. They share a passion to create scale and value for startup ventures. Entrepreneurial Eco-Systems leaders are the members of their Network as they have had strong operational experience as CEO or a background of creating new successful ventures.


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3 Startup Accelerators in India

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