In the AI era, building the next generation of consulting firm: AIQRATE advisory and consulting

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AI is the next frontier and some companies won’t make it

The power of AI is changing business as we know it; When it comes to AI, businesses think ambitiously. Nearly 85% of CXOs believe AI will allow their enterprise to obtain or sustain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Contrastingly, just one in five enterprises have incorporated AI into their organization and less than 20% of enterprises have an AI strategy.

AI is invoking massive shifts in the business value chains of enterprises. And it is redefining what it takes for enterprises to achieve competitive advantage. Yet, even as several enterprises have begun applying AI engagements with impressive results, few have developed full-scale AI strategy that is contextualized and enterprise wide.

A first in its genre, AIQRATE is a global bespoke AI advisory and consulting firm that promises to provide path breaking AI advisory and consulting offerings with unique client engagement models. Started by three experienced leaders in AI arena – Rohan, NK & Sameer have proven consulting, advisory and client facing professional background coupled with deep experience of understanding global AI market landscape, ecosystem, topical trends, scenarios and approaches. AIQRATE attempts to disrupt the management consulting space with holistic coverage of AI advisory and consulting from AI maturity assessment, AI CoE construct & interventions, partner selection to AI business value output.

AIQRATE advisory services and consulting offerings covers seven business segments: Enterprises, GCCsStartups, SMBs, VC/PE firmsAcademic Institutions & Public Sector Institutions and have 50+  proprietary AI playbooks, primers, frameworks, methodologies, toolkits to enable Boards, CXOs and senior leaders with artisanal insights and recommendations coupled with defining and showcasing broad exhibit plans for making enterprises, GCCs, SMBs and Startups AI ready.

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Elaborates Sameer Dhanrajani– CEO & Co-founder, AIQRATE

We have realized that unleashing the true power of AI requires scaling it across the entire business functions and value chain and it calls for “transforming the business“. AIQRATE looks at curating AI strategy and transforming your business and operating model, so you can move beyond isolated AI use cases towards an enterprise wide program and realize the full value potential

Adding on, Sameer says that

Creating an AI strategy in today’s environment of complexity and uncertainty, ever-changing priorities, and conflicting agendas is a daunting task. Yet when CXOs, Senior executives invest time and effort to develop a more thorough, thoughtful approach to AI strategy, they not only increase the odds of building a winning business but also often enjoy a positive spin-off. The gifts of simplicity and focus, as well as the conviction to get things done and a simplified decision making process within enterprises led by AI

He builds up further on alluding that a focus on strategic building blocks for AI can help enterprises develop penetrating insights, intelligence and recommendations.  While “insight” conjures up visions of research, data crunching, and “aha” moments, real strategic intelligence also rests on a seemingly mundane and easy-to-overlook factor: a thorough understanding of how and why an enterprise, its competitors, and others in the industry value chain make money. Absent dumb luck, AI strategy that doesn’t tap directly into such an understanding will underperform.

Rohan Nag – Chief Client Officer & Co-founder AIQRATE mentions that

Market forces continually conspire to deplete your market share and margins, robust AI led strategies can counteract those tendencies, but good AI strategy is difficult to formulate

Rohan poses couple of pertinent queries as to “How do successful enterprises curate building blocks of AI strategy? And where do AI powerful strategies come from? In our experience, it’s also possible to load the dice in favor of developing good AI strategies by focusing on the core building blocks that often get overlooked. One is the need to gain strategic alignment, before creating an AI strategy on the essential decisions and the criteria for making them. Another is to ensure that the enterprise is prepared and willing to act on an AI strategy once it is adopted. Too much of what passes for strategy development, we find, consists of hurried efforts that skip one or more of the essentials. The resulting AI strategies are often flawed from the start.”

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NK, CTO & Co-founder, AIQRATE elucidates upon the advantages of engaging with AIQRATE

We have an exhaustive and proven leadership experience of crafting AI strategy roadmaps, maturity assessments, readiness frameworks and methodologies for several Fortune 500 clients, GCCs, Indian enterprises, SMBs, new age digital enterprises and startups. Additionally, we have a comprehensive, ready to deploy AI CoE playbooks, primers, methodologies, templates and toolkits covering strategic and operational impact scenarios and approaches on unleashing transformation, innovation and disruption within enterprises and GCCs and have an Incisive consulting coverage on AI led strategic interventions for C-suite stakeholders with redefining business function artifacts. To supplement the execution plan for our clients, AIQRATE has a global AI ecosystem compendium on startups, niche & boutique firms and outfits benchmarked on AIQRATE’s “Glow Curve“ assessment

We are at an inflection point where AI will revolutionize the way we do business. The paradigms of customer, products, offerings, services and competition will change dramatically; and being AI ready will become a true differentiator.  AIQRATE could be your strategic partner to help you to prepare for what’s next in order to stay relevant.

(AIQRATE is a global bespoke AI advisory & consulting firm. AIQRATE provides strategic AI advisory services and consulting offerings across multiple business segments to enable clients accelerate on their AI powered transformation & innovation journey and accentuate their decision making and business performance. Visit or write to

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In the AI era, building the next generation of consulting firm: AIQRATE advisory and consulting

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