Munich-based startup Kaia Health raises €7.3 million to expand digital back pain treatments in the US

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Munich-based Kaia Health, which creates personalised, app-based physical therapies for chronic conditions, has raised a €7.3 million funding round led by Optum Ventures. The startup previously raised a round of €8.8 million in January 2019

Kaia Health calls itself ‘a physiotherapist in your pocket’. Its leading product is an app to treat back pain, and the new funding will be used to accelerate Kaia’s growth in the US – where back pain problems have been traditionally treated using opioids, leading to a major drug epidemic. However Kaia is also exploring digital treatment programs for other chronic conditions, namely chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). We interviewed Kaia’s co-founder and CEO, Konstantin Mehl, back in February.

Working with experts in various medical fields, Kaia uses machine learning algorithms to create individualised exercises that allow patients to take control and self-manage their condition from their home using smartphones or tablets. Over 275,000 users have so far signed up for its digital therapy programs.

Kaia Health’s 2D motion tracking technology enables users to get real-time feedback on their exercise performance using their smartphone’s camera, which, when taken together with the platform’s psychological and educational support, has been shown to outperform conventional therapy.

The investment from Optum Ventures will allow us to explore integration opportunities throughout the complete patient treatment journey

said Konstantin Mehl, Kaia Health founder and CEO of Kaia Health.

We are proud to partner with Optum Ventures, a company at the forefront of improving health care

Kaia Health has taken a technology-led approach to create digital therapeutics that will make treatment more accessible to patients who need it,” said Heather Roxborough, partner at Optum Ventures. “We believe Kaia Health’s digital therapeutic solutions will benefit those suffering from MSK disorders and are excited about its application in other indications.

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Munich-based startup Kaia Health raises €7.3 million to expand digital back pain treatments in the US

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