Airbus India opens IT facility in Bengaluru

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Airbus India has opened a 500-person information management centre to help advance the group’s fast-expanding information technology and digital capabilities across its global operations.

The new centre underscores Airbus’ efforts to maximise value from its global footprint, including from India where a remarkable information technology engineering talent pool is complementing Airbus’ European partner ecosystems. “Digital transformation is driving changes to our workforce evolution and make/buy approach that includes a greater degree of internal competences and capabilities as well as access to new partner ecosystems,” said Carlo Nizam, Chief Information Officer, Airbus India & South Asia. “These evolutions cannot be addressed from our European footprint alone and require an integrated global approach. Our footprint in India is a strategic and integrated arm of information management that provides access to a vast pool of skilled talent.”

Airbus began expanding its information management capabilities in India in 2017 and is rapidly ramping up over the course of 2019 and 2020. The areas that it is expanding in include ERP operations, engineering and product life-cycle management as well as digital capabilities that include big data, advanced analytics, Internet of Things, Cloud and DevOps, API development as well as cyber security.

The new facility will use virtual computing to reduce carbon footprint and is built to cater to the needs of differently abled employees, providing wheelchair access and braille coding wherever possible.

Inspired by agile working, the office supports remote collaboration, offers touch screens at all workstations and has amphitheaters to support distributed Program Increment events.

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Airbus India opens IT facility in Bengaluru

by Puneet Time to Read: 1 min
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