Building a Sustained Talent Management Capability & Engaging Work Culture at SwissRe GCC

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Not only is the Swiss Re GCC focused on building an engaging work culture, it has set sights on creating a sustainable work environment that nurtures future-ready talent.

This is the concluding part of two series feature of conversation with Amit Kalra, MD Swiss Re GCC published by XTechalpha.

In Conversation with Amit Kalra, Managing Director and Head of Swiss Re GCC

Since inception, Indian GCCs have  significantly evolved and gone through a transformative journey. In the initial phase, they were centers leveraging on cost arbitrage and soon progressively evolved into global in-house centers (GICs) that worked more closely with the parent organizations, taking on more complex and mature work areas. In the last five years, they graduated from being Global In-House Centers to becoming Global Capability Centers.

This demonstrates that they are no longer just the extended arms to parent organizations but have become transformation and innovation hubs, building and showcasing the best-of-breed, cutting- edge capabilities and solutions in the exponential technologies space.

Swiss Re, a leading reinsurance and insurance provider with 150+ years of global history, has one of the most progressive Global Capability Centers (GCCs) in India. The Swiss Re GCC, based in Bangalore, has taken several initiatives to create top-of-the-line best practices in talent management and talent accentuation.

Building talent management capability and ensuing sustainability

Swiss Re Global Business Solutions Centre Bengaluru is expanding itself rapidly, aiming to touch 1,500 employees by 2021. When asked about the secret sauce of their success, Amit Kalra, MD and Head of Swiss Re Global Business Solutions Centre Bangalore, said,

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Our core focus is on sustainability of capabilities and work initiatives. Whenever we are building any capability, we are not doing so with a short-term focus. Any initiative we pursue, we make sure that it has a good shelf life.

Similarly, while managing talent, the Swiss Re GCC makes sure that it has a complete understanding of the overall process in a way that it creates a positive impact for the organization. Swiss Re is people-centric and hence, ensures that whenever an employee joins the GCC, he/she is given ample time to integrate into the GCC culture and is progressively trained and mentored to contribute the best at work. This cannot be accomplished unless there is a sustainable and strategic approach to developing talent.

Swiss Re Global Business Solutions Centre Bangalore is also bringing innovation to every seat. The GCC, just like the rest of the company, follows the principles of ‘Own the Way You Work’.. ‘Own the Way You Work’ is a comprehensive programme across Swiss Re that brings to life the company’s work philosophy of focusing on outcomes and client value, on collaborative environment that inspires ideas, and on responding flexibly to changes that impact the organization and  clients by adapting how, when and where employees work.

Own the Way You Work rests on the understanding and agreement between the line manager and an individual or a team. The Swiss Re GCC in Bangalore is a firm believer of an open culture where every employee is respected and encouraged to deliver his or her best.

When asked about the work policies of the organization, Amit said the GCC follows the global Swiss Re culture and is aligned to its global initiatives. He said the organization encourages its employees to travel between different work locations to promote cultural integration and form a strong global team.

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Swiss Re globally is a strong advocate of environmental sustainability. Elaborating on this Amit  emphasized Swiss Re’s vision to make the world more resilient, and also mentioned that climate change is a very critical concern.

To support the cause, the Swiss Re GCC has installed a solar power plant on its rooftop .This helps to meet 30-40% of their electricity requirements. The office has also installed smart sensors that help save water and power. Swiss Re globally incentivizes employees to follow green practices through its COYou2 program that offers 50% subsidy on a selection of eco-friendly purchases.

Swiss Re walks the talk; Swiss Re GCC is taking exemplary initiatives and launching interventions to build and demonstrate exponential technology-led capabilities, while keeping its focus on sustaining an engaging and inclusive work culture and on building an ecosystem that nurtures future-ready talent.

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Building a Sustained Talent Management Capability & Engaging Work Culture at SwissRe GCC

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