Jio and Microsoft alliance is colossal for Digital India

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The ten year commitment to accelerate digital transformation in India combines the conglomerates Reliance Jio and Microsoft. It offers solutions portfolio that comprises connectivity, computing, storage solutions, and other technology services and apps essential for Indian businesses.

India is on the next cusp of digital transformation as more organizations embrace emerging technologies to prosper in one of the world’s fastest growing economy.

The Digital India initiative announced by Government of India few years back has received a strong push with the recent announcement of alliance between Reliance Jio Infocomm (Jio), a subsidiary of Reliance Industries and Microsoft.

The alliance of giant conglomerates is much bigger and will be highly impactful than it appears.

It is a 10 year strategic commitment (partnership) between India’s largest telecom enterprise, Jio, with over 340 million users and global software, and the cloud giant – Microsoft.

While Microsoft enables digital transformation for the era of an intelligent cloud and an intelligent edge to empower every organization to achieve more, Jio is an all-IP data strong future proof network with the latest 4G LTE technology that can be easily upgraded to support more data, as technologies advance on to 5G, 6G and beyond.

The impact of this partnership on the overall technology ecosystem and cloud service providers in India is expected to be multi-fold, led by the sheer large numbers of subscribers (users) both have today.

Jio’s big focus on three next gen technologies includes Block Chain technology and IoT. “With Pan India narrowband internet, Jio expects 2 billion connected IoT devices in next two years and the telecom conglomerate aims to connect 1 Billion + IoT devices,” said Mukesh Ambani, chairman and managing director of Reliance Industries at the company’s AGM 2019 in India.

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The revenue opportunity for Jio is more than Rs.20,000 crore (approx. 3000 million USD), said Ambani, who, according to Forbes, is the 13th richest man as of March 2019.

Jio and Microsoft aim to enhance the adoption of data analyticsAI, cognitive, blockchain, IoT, and edge computing among SMEs to make them competition-ready, while helping accelerate technology-led GDP growth in India and accelerate adoption of next-gen technology solutions at scale.

“We have an incredible opportunity to apply advances in technology to help organizations across India innovate and grow. The combination of Jio’s leading connectivity and digital solutions with Azure, Azure AI and Office 365 will bring powerful tools and platforms for compute, storage, productivity and more to millions of businesses in the country,’ said Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft.

Ambani said, “By working together to develop innovative and affordable cloud-enabled digital solutions built around Jio’s world-class digital infrastructure and Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform, we will accelerate the digitization of the Indian economy and make Indian businesses globally competitive.”

The strategic relationship of Jio, and Microsoft will accelerate the digital transformation of the Indian economy. The world-class capabilities of both companies to offer a comprehensive solutions comprising connectivity, computing, storage solutions, and other technology services and apps for Indian businesses.

This alliance will span the broad Reliance Industries ecosystem including its existing and new businesses. Jio and Microsoft is a unique and first-of-its-kind partnership which will showcase the world the demonstration of tech-enabled value creation that is both exponential and inclusive – to create significant value to Indian enterprises — small and large, said Ambani.

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Highlights of Jio and Microsoft Agreement

  • Move to Cloud: Jio will provide its internal workforce with cloud-based productivity and collaboration tools available with Microsoft 365 and will migrate its non-network applications to Microsoft Azure cloud platform.
  • Datacenter Play: Jio will set up datacenters consisting of next-gen compute, storage and networking capabilities, and Microsoft will deploy its Azure platform in these datacenters to support Jio’s offerings. The initial two DCs, being set up in the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra of India are targeted to be fully operational in calendar year 2020.
  • Cloud First: Jio’s connectivity infrastructure that aims to connect everyone, everything, everywhere will promote the adoption of the Microsoft Azure cloud platform within its growing ecosystem of startups, as part of Jio’s cloud-first strategy.
  • Innovation for Startups & SMBs: Jio will leverage Microsoft Azure cloud platform to develop innovative cloud solutions wherein Indian startups will have access to efficient and affordable cloud infrastructure and platform services. Indian SMBs will have access to a range of cloud-based productivity, collaboration and business applications including Office 365, enabling them to compete more effectively.
  • The Partner Ecosystem: Large companies will accelerate their own digital transformations by leveraging new Jio solutions that can work with Microsoft offerings already in use today within many large enterprises. The partner ecosystem in India will have the opportunity to leverage Jio’s new offerings to serve the unique needs of their customers and rapidly grow their businesses.
  • Multi lingual Support: Jio will execute its vision of integrated speech and computer vision solutions for Indian customers by working together with Microsoft to develop solutions that support major Indian languages and dialects, to promote the adoption of technology across all cross-sections of Indian society.
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Jio and Microsoft alliance is colossal for Digital India

by NK Time to Read: 3 min
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