Elon Musk to Share the Stage with AI Academics, Engineers and Entrepreneurs

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Musk will be focusing on various AI initiatives that are carried out at his companies, including Tesla’s self-driving project

China appears to be becoming the favourite spot to Elon Musk. While he has been doing business in U.S., he is being welcomed in China with open arms too. After setting the footprints of Tesla’s first overseas plant, Musk is set to speak at the second annual World Artificial Intelligence Conference taking place in Shanghai from August 29 to August 31.

He will be joining the stage with AI academics, engineers and entrepreneurs, including ByteDance’s (parent company of TikTok) AI chief, Wang Changhu; Huawei’s head of wireless network products, Deng Taihua; and Turing Award-winning computer scientist Raj Reddy.

Musk will be focusing on various AI initiatives that are carried out at his companies, including Tesla’s self-driving project. As per his Twitter post, he will also be launching a local branch of his underground hyperloop startup, the Boring Company.

Musk has praised Beijing’s progressive stance in facilitating innovative infrastructure projects for years. While U.S. is constantly raising regulatory concerns for Musk, China is being a spot which he is exploring extensively.

Artificial Intelligence continues to be the favourite new age technology for many entrepreneurs to be explored. has become a buzzword in mainstream tech, with every industry talking about how they can leverage AI to do things like serve food, review video footage, drive cars, automate business processes and more. Investors are pouring money into AI-based SaaS and hardware startups, and large companies are investing in finding ways to implement AI to better improve on operational, supply chain and other components of their business

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Elon Musk to Share the Stage with AI Academics, Engineers and Entrepreneurs

by Sameer Dhanrajani Time to Read: 1 min
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