Top GCC’s in Innovation & Transformation – 2019: Invite for nominations

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Global Capability Centers (GCCs) have recently gone through a significant evolution and are swiftly becoming the transformation and innovation hubs for the parent organizations with the advent of digital and AI era. As the extended arms of the parent organizations, they have taken the baton to incubate and exhibit the best breed of capabilities and solutions whilst adopting the exponential technologies: AI, IoT, Blockchain, RPA, cybersecurity with great élan.

XTechalpha is a bespoke technology platform endorsed by several industry thought leaders and focused on brining the best of coverage and topical updates on exponential technologies and GCCs. It is coming out with the first ever feature on inviting nominations from top GCCs that are exhibiting cutting edge innovation and transformation in their work spheres and centers. This will recognize their efforts in the form of a full-blown coverage on the multiple innovative and transformative initiatives and interventions that they have planned and executed.

What’s the ensuing process and nomination criteria?
GCCs have been spearheading multiple initiatives on incubating exponential technologies’ hubs and center of excellence to work on innovating the classic business value chain and processes with the interjections of digital technologies and creating novel use cases and solutions for mass adoption for the parent organization. Further, they have invested in attracting best of exponential technologies talent for generating best of breed POC’s, incubated new age experience centers and incubators and partnered with deep tech startups and ventures to up the ante from their side. XTechalpha would like to extensively cover and feature these parameters and allied criteria of innovation and transformation being planned and executed and accordingly ranking it to showcase the top GCC’s in innovation & transformation.

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Why Should You Apply?
XTechalpha is the pioneer in covering the topical updates and developments in exponential technologies and GCCs, startups, PE/VC firms and new age academic institutions. It is a preferred sought-after platform of choice for providing succinct insights and information to several GCC leaders, industry CXOs, startup entrepreneurs, VC/PE partners, academic institutions’ deans and new age technologies enthusiasts. The feature will be extensively covered and promoted across our platform and through our newsletters. In the event of your GCC getting shortlisted, the featured coverage of your GCC and leadership will ensure massive optics to external stakeholders and will enable build strong thought leadership and a strategic differentiated approach within GCC and external community. Alongside, it will help you position as a preferred employer of choice within the external talent landscape.

How can your GCC get nominated?
We would like to hear your story on different initiatives and interventions that you are planning /executed on innovation and transformation in your GCC. These could be touching upon strategic and operational aspects of business processes, work culture, R&D, technology fronts, capability and solution building, partnerships & alliances, incubators & accelerators and other best practices involving exponential technologies stack: AI, cybersecurity, digital transformation, blockchain, RPA, and cyber security.

Reach out to us at or and we will schedule connect time with you.

About XTechalpha
XTechalpha is a bespoke platform of exponential technologies and emerging segments: GICs, Startups, PE/VC firms, new age academic institutions accentuated with an enviable line up of proven and seasoned thought leaders bringing together an ensemble line up of curated content, networking interventions and learning enhancements. A must visit platform for GIC heads, VC/PE partners, exponential technologies enthusiasts, academic deans & entrepreneurs.

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Top GCC’s in Innovation & Transformation – 2019: Invite for nominations

by Sameer Dhanrajani Time to Read: 2 min
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