Consumers do not trust Artificial Intelligence: Pegasystems

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Since many companies are making their way to AI in order to make their business grow, the organizations must make an effort to understand their customers’ viewpoints and concerns.

A new research from Pega systems unveils that consumers do not pose trust in artificial intelligence (AI) and are unable to gauge how AI is going to make their businesses better and more efficient.

Even though the technology is delivering various solutions and experiences catering to various requirements, the study highlighted that customers still are not satisfied with the accrued benefits. Since many companies are making their way to AI in order to make their business grow, the organizations must make an effort to understand their customers’ viewpoints and concerns.

As per the study, Sixty-eight percent of respondents are of the view that organizations have an obligation to do what is morally correct for the customer, in lieu of what is legally required.

The report said, “Less than half (40 percent) of respondents agreed that AI has the potential to improve the customer service of businesses they interact with, while less than one third (30 percent) felt comfortable with businesses using AI to interact with them. Just nine percent said they were ‘very comfortable’ with the idea. At the same time, one third of all respondents said they were concerned about machines taking their jobs, with more than one quarter (27 percent) also citing the ‘rise of the robots and enslavement of humanity’ as a concern.”

Many believe that AI is unable to make unbiased decisions. Over half (53 percent) of respondents said it’s possible for AI to show bias in the way it makes decisions. Fifty-three percent also felt that AI will always make decisions based on the biases of the person who created its initial instructions, regardless of how much time has passed.

“Our study found that only 25 percent of consumers would trust a decision made by an AI system over that of a person regarding their qualification for a bank loan,” said Dr Rob Walker, vice president, decisioning and analytics at Pega.

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Consumers do not trust Artificial Intelligence: Pegasystems

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