Key Digital Analytics Trends in 2015 & Possibilities for Businesses

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Digitization today is posing new set of challenges for organizations today and is pushing the envelope for industries across the globe. To a great extent, it’s questioning the underlying tenets of how businesses operate and service customers, drastically reducing the time it takes to enter new markets and opening up new doors to scale up the enterprises. Conventional management rules are being challenged & new rules to operate are getting actioned as we speak. Billions of transactions and data points across the entire value chain has made organizations to rethink their traditional ways of managing & utilizing digital deluge, and has forced many to measure and derive actionable insights at every step of their digital roadmap. Infusing analytics in any organizations digital journey can help in selecting the right digital assets, integrate data sources, ensure all campaigns are tracked; manage customer behavior across channels and devices for enhanced customer experience; improve marketing effectiveness; increase conversions & ROI and improve product penetration.

  In 2015, the following analytics trends shall be dominant and would be crucial to stitching together a robust Digital roadmap for business any size, nature or geography.

Establishing Digital Analytics Center of Excellence

  • A number of enterprises are moving or have invested substantially in graduating towards a holistic digital strategy/approach from a piecemeal / business function led digital analytics effort. We have seen large corporations across industries endorsing this trend
  • Emerging role of Chief Analytics Officer may be a game changer towards formalizing a structured approach to leveraging analytics and delivering impact across the organization
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Multichannel Analytics gaining traction

  • Clients are looking to integrate more data from more channels at a faster rate & establish Integrated Data Management Platforms
  • This trend is being acknowledged and backed by various technology enablers like Ensighten (tag Management solution) acquiring Anametrix (multichannel analytics product), Google acquired Adometry with a multichannel attribution offering

Real-time Analytics and Data Visualization to go mainstream

  • All leading web analytics solution providers are moving into real time data collection, representation and analysis
  • Digital Analytics solutions/tools are considering data visualization on their product roadmap for upcoming releases
  • Tableau, Qlikview are being considered as necessary add-ons by enterprises

Infusion of Advanced Analytics capabilities for accelerated impact

  • Incorporating advanced analytics into digital analytics such as attribution modeling and customer level analytics is becoming more commonplace
  • Predictive modeling to understand customer next step or for finding who is likely to respond to campaigns is gaining traction & is becoming a key source of competitive advantage for most businesses

In my opinion, following set of Digital Analytics capabilities would be crucial to organizations who intend to adopt Digital in a big way and seek to win in this hyper-competitive Digital era. 1

Maturity Assessment

  • Assess the current state of the digital analytics setup, provide a roadmap (people, process, technology) in terms of moving up the curve and introducing relevant Analytic techniques/tools wherever applicable
  • Putting an appropriate measurement strategies to track ROI

Web & Mobile Analytics

  • Data Collection  / tracking strategy, Metrics Definition, KPI rationalization
  • Design of web/mobile app tagging solution, implementation & QA web analytics through tag management solutions
  • Design and configure reports for web analytics/mobile app analytics
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Reporting, visualization & Insights Marketing and campaign analytics lifecycle to include:

  • Goal, traffic , ROI & Funnel Analysis, etc.
  • Campaign reporting & effectiveness analysis
  • Dashboard and visualization design
  • Deep dive analysis to answer business questions (Ad hoc analysis)

Multichannel Analytics

It enables combining the online(digital) and offline (non-digital) data to provide an enhanced single view of the customer through the customer journey across channels for an accelerated business impact.   Customer experience management

  • Design and implementation  of customer experience solutions with:
  • Browser session recording and analysis
  • Voice of customer analysis

Search engine optimization

Optimize the search ranking through white hat optimization recommendations to improve findability of the digital properties

Conversion Optimization and Targeting

  • Tool selection & strategy for targeting and conversion optimization
  • A/B testing and MVT strategy
  • Landing page optimization, marketing message optimization
  • Segmentation and targeting using tools like Adobe Target

From devising better strategies to drive website/mobile traffic, to reducing site bounce rate, to improving engagement with right target audience, to delivering hyper-personalized experiences as per needs of site visitors, to building brand trust & deciphering brand perception, Digital Analytics has lot to offer to business who intend to get their digital strategy right. Feel free to share your comments of how you perceive Analytics impact in today’s digital arena.

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Key Digital Analytics Trends in 2015 & Possibilities for Businesses

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